Stoneglow 200ml Pink Peony & Gardenia Reed Diffuser Refill


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Pink Peony & Gardenia Reed Diffuser Refill

Refill your favourite diffuser with this gorgeous floral scent by Stoneglow.

Pink Peony & Gardenia is a fragrance blended with a floral bouquet of jasmine, lily, ylang, orange blossom, gardenia and peony rose. With top notes of vibrant citron, clove, plum and peach along with a bed of musks, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, caramel and tonka.

This refill features an amazing fragrance that will make your house smell like you’re out walking in a garden of gorgeous flower blooms.

With 200ml of scented liquid, this refill revives your empty diffuser and allows for up to 16 weeks of a stunning aroma for you to enjoy