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carl scarpa

Styled for life

One remarkable outcome of his love affair with Ireland was the opening, of his first international shop, in Sligo, Ireland in 1974. The Carl Scarpa range is known for its sophisticated Italian style and design detail. Carl Scarpa believed that a woman should buy her shoes first and then compliment them with the rest of her outfit.

Carl Scarpa is famous for exquisite ladies’ Italian shoes and bags. All of their labels have their own distinctive style.

carl scarpa

Specialising in support Hosiery

Elbeo tights, stockings and knee highs help to keep legs happy and healthy, improving blood circulation and reducing swelling. With different support factors, ranging from 'light' to 'extra firm', you can decide how much support your hard-working legs require.


Umbrellas, slippers, gloves and more.......

We provide high quality, up-to-date, value for money product ranges where fun, fashion and function can combine to offer something for everyone.


Premium British hosiery brand with over 80 years of rich heritage in making luxury tights, stockings & shapewear.

Including our gorgeous range of Sensuous lace top stockings and hold ups and our beautiful Ultra
range of high shine hosiery finished with a touch of silk for everyday elegance.
As well as our most famously known Bodytoners range, Aristoc creates
classically British designs to deliver beautiful hosiery for stylish,
individual and confident women.

Joules Mens

A contemporary British Lifestyle Brand.

Give your wardrobe a breath of fresh air with our latest collection of women's accessories. Remember, often the smallest things have the biggest effect.


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